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  1. German Buchmuller

    Android Question Kiosk Mode Not Working. (App is pinned issue)

    So I installed Kiosk example from Erel's 2017 Kiosk Example. When I pressed the Lock button, the app locked the OS, when I pressed the Unlock button, the app unlocked the OS, just as it was meant to. The problem is when I added to manifest: AddActivityText(Main, <intent-filter> <action...
  2. I

    Android Question Kiosk Mode stopped working

    Hi Guys I was testing the code below few weeks ago and I am sure it was all working fine: I am trying it today and I am running into some issues. Please see log Error occurred on line: 64 (Main)...
  3. A

    Android Question Receive a call after exiting Kiosk (admin) mode

    Hi all I have an app based on the Kiosk mode from here: I want the device to also receive phone calls. I didn't realize that kiosk mode would prevent the phone app from appearing. As a workaround, I'm using...
  4. A

    Android Question Can I avoid the toast message in Kiosk mode?

    Hi All I'm using the project for Kiosk mode from this thread: When you press the back button there is a toast message - can it be removed, stopped from appearing? Thanks for any help. Andy