1. H

    Android Question KVS2 and list or B4XCollection

    I need to store a list of Names, so I can get the all list when the app is reopened. I tried using KVS2: xui.SetDataFolder("kvs") kvs.Initialize(xui.DefaultFolder, "kvs.dat") Sended.Initialize Dim Sended As B4XSet=B4XCollections.CreateSet Dim libas As Technis...
  2. jimich

    B4J Question b4j kvs2 multi-column csv

    Good day to all, I have code below. Everything is ok except when using kvs.get(), which I could not get every item on the list. Thank you for your kind reply. 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project Attributes #CommandLineArgs: #MergeLibraries: True...