label alignment

  1. walterf25

    iOS Question BBLabel Click Event

    Hi All, I decided to give BBLabel a try because i needed to be able to set the padding property, the BBLabel view works very nice for this need, however i realized that it doesn't handle the Click Event, is there a way to add that to this view, i really would like to stick to using this view...
  2. Scotter

    Android Question Centering text in label programmatically

    Hi - In the designer I've set the padding, horiz align to "center_horizontal", and vert align to "center_vertical". And in my activity_create: '......................padding: left, top, right, bottom lblCard1.Padding = Array As Int(10dip,10dip,10dip,10dip)...

    Android Question How to regain focus on a theread not yet answered?

    Hello, guys.... I got this thread and it is still waiting for someones help. It is already 4-5 days old. Anyone? Regards, Fernando

    Android Question How to align things within a TabPage?

    I had a single layout named "Play" with 4 buttons that I dinamically positioned the fields within it and it seemed visually perfect. Then I decided to use TabHosts and add an extra "About" layout. Now the original buttons that used to be aligned based on activity.Width seems a little displaced...