Android Question LTR or RTL Form direction

    Hello, According to the ltr or rtl language direction coosen by the user, Please, is it an easy way to call : 1: a text or label (with direction settings rtl or ltr) 2: a complete form direction (label + Edittext) or (Edittext + label), example: or : Today, according to the language...
  2. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how can i change language in windows ??

    how can i change language in windows ?? i have two language -english -persian i want to change language to "persian" when start form
  3. A

    Android Question Hebrew TTS speak

    Hi I tried to use the TTS in hebrew, but it didnt work beacuse this language files are missing. someone knows where I can find and use the TTS on hebrew on B4A? Thanks
  4. peacemaker

    Android Question current typing keyboard's language

    How to get ?