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    iOS Question LastException.Message vs LastException.Description

    Hi, sorry for might be a dumb question. Is there any difference between LastException.Message and LastException.Description? I've an got an error message "Cannot Parse" and when it happened in try/catch was LastException.Message. Do I need to replace it with LastException.Description or just...
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    iOS Question LastException question

    Hi all. I just did a simple test - if I put my code into Try/Catch LastException shows me an error description but doesn't show a line number wher the error happens. If I run my code without Try/Catch it shows (in red in the log) exact line number, error description but the app crashes. My...
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    Android Question Return All Error

    hi all i want to create button to when person click it, my program send all error of my application to my server. waht should i do? if i use 'LastException' it give me all error or no? what should i coding?