1. amorosik

    B4J Question Windows ram problem with B4J mqtt client

    I have a program, made with B4J (ver. 8.50) which is active 24 hours a day on Windows 10 professional pc This program connects with a mqtt broker, Mosquitto, to 'read' the commands that some phones send, commands that must be executed on the pc The program works correctly, but using the Windows...
  2. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Cursor as Parameter

    When passing a cursor as a parameter, when is the correct time(s) to close the cursor? Sub main Dim v_Cursor as Cursor = SQL.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE") func(v_Cursor) v_Cursor.Close '? End Sub Sub func(p_Cursor as Cursor) p_Cursor.getString("column") p_Cursor.Close...