1. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation Overview of my creations(Free and paid sorce code)

    1. Covid App ui (Free Source code) Simple application, with a friendly interface. Use an API to load data about Covid-19 in the world or in a specific region, Use Portuguese as a language but you can easily change. API Reference:https://disease.sh/v3/covid-19/ Download: CovidApp.zip 2. Music...
  2. Caligari

    Android Question Compiling a native android application in more detail?

    Hi all! And hi Erel! B4X - very cool project! I am engaged in programming from time to time - as needed, for my own needs. Mobile development is a new challenge for me. B4X seems to be the right tool for this. Just started studying. And my first question: can you explain the process of...
  3. Mashiane


    https://www.javatpoint.com Perhaps someone might find it useful. With what I want to do I have to learn for some Inline Java Programming... :mad: