1. M

    Android Question Publishing an application on play store....licenses and royalties doubts

    Hi to alls, i've build an android application in Kotlin, and it use these libraries : implementation "${camerax_version}" implementation "${camerax_version}" implementation...
  2. Patent

    which License for deploying?

    Dear community, under which License do you deploy a piece of B4X (and so Java) code, assuming the following: -your Source is written in B4X -and so using (shipping with) OpenJDK11 or just the JRE, which is under GNU GPL -no further 3rd Party libs ? I want give it for free, free to copy and...
  3. mcqueccu

    B4J Question Licensing for Desktop applications

    How does one license B4J Desktop Applications with a license key for a duration of maybe 1 year, and how do I implement a trial license for say 3 months? If you have done something in that regards, kindly share. Thank you