1. Jack Cole

    Android Question Licensing library issues

    This is not currently an issue as much as a curiosity and perhaps something that will help others. I have been struggling for several days to get the licensing library to work correctly. It works correctly on the first / second times the app is launched. After that, it sticks with a cached...
  2. R

    Android Question [Solved] Licensing Library Crashes With Target SDK 28

    I was just updating a legacy application with some AppCompat features before publishing to the Play Store with TargetSDK 28. The application employs the Licensing Library Version 1.21 which I believe is the latest. If I conditional compile the demo version without the LC library code (demo...
  3. D

    Android Question Licence.txt

    I would like to install B4a on a new computer but I don't retrieve the license.tx file on my old computer. How can I do?