1. A

    Android Question Command-line tools link expired

    Hi! The command-line tools link on the installation page returns a 404 Maybe it's a problem from Google side consider changing links thanks šŸ™šŸ»
  2. M

    Android Question Very strange Error while using PhoneIntents.OpenBrowser(...) (drawer)

    Hi everyone, i've a CustomListView in a [b4x]Drawer, with some items. Each item has a Value, this value is a custom type called "ComunicationData" that contains several strings, like cd.Link When i click on the clv item, the sub "ItemClick" is fired and is this one: As you can see the code in...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] BCTextEngine - Create Named Link

    Public Sub CreateNamedLink(name As String,url As String,color As String) As String Return "" & name & "" End Sub bbcv.Text = "" & "Bitte " & CreateNamedLink("Anmelden","https://yourniceurl","#2D8879") & "/" & CreateNamedLink("Registrieren","https://yourniceurl","#2D8879") & " um ein...
  4. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Change link color - CSBuilder

    Hello, it's possible to change the link color from CS Builder? If yes, how could i do it? Thanks.
  5. K

    Android Question pdf clickable text

    Hii Experts, I want to add link in pdf, on click the link open website. I'm currently using Printing libs. pdf.Canvas.DrawText("",mleft,mtop,font,fontsize,Colors.Blue,"LEFT")
  6. A

    Android Question File not exist

    Hello, I tried to use OkHttpUtils2 to download a file from a link (trying to download file named "") Dim d As HttpJob d.Initialize("", Me) d.Download(link) Wait For (d) JobDone(d As HttpJob) If d.Success Then If...
  7. A

    Android Question Save zip to dirInternal

    Hello, Does anybody know how to save a file from dropbox link to specified folder like dirInternal? Thanks in advance.
  8. MarkusR

    Wish Support of File Link

    hello, it would be nice if we can use a link to a designer layout file example 1.bjl as 1.bjl.lnk or possibility of a reference to a layout file same as we have for classes / modules (copy / absolute path / relative path after drag & drop)
  9. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question How to Open my App over a link over my B4J Server

    Hello, on B4A side i know it from here. But as long as I do not have a website that can show this, I want the app to run without the browser opening. From Stackoverflow, from this post, i know it is possible. How can i handle this with my B4J Server?
  10. J

    Android Question Download File From Link

    Hi all. I'm having trouble downloading a file from a link (Google Drive and Dropbox shareable link) from my app. Code says Success but the file downloaded is corrupted and unusable. This is with OKHttpUtils2 j.Initialize("job", Me) j.Download(modMain.shareableLinkGD) 'or...