1. J

    Android Question What is the best way to get errors from a customer installed application?

    What is the best way to get errors from a customer installed application? I can log some errors (sql) from try...catch...end try and ask the customer to send them to an email. Or send errors automatically? The application is in Internal tested status on Play. How to catch errors outside of...
  2. C

    Android Question How to read past logs of errors that occured in release mode?

    Hi, my app has been working for over a year without any problem everyday, but out of nowhere it crashed just one time while doing a routine thing (json related). And that was the only time it crashed - after it restarted it works flawlessly. The crash happened yesterday - is there any way to...
  3. SimonAndroid

    Italian MISTERO!!! Non capisco questi errori sul log.. Considerando che gli oggetti citati nel progetto non ci sono!

    Salve, allego un esempio preso dal forum che nonostante abbia ripulito da vari errori continua a segnalare cose inesistenti, errori su oggetti che non ci sono nel progetto per chiarire meglio allego il progetto. Lo stavo guardando per prendere spunto, però non funziona! Cosa strana se apro il...
  4. A

    Italian Visualizzare i risultati in anteprima nella finestra del log - help

    Ciao ragazzi, ho scaricato l'ultima versione di b4a. Non riesco a capire come fare per visualizzare i risultati delle variabili o dei semplici messaggi, nella finestra del log La finestra è visibile ma se volessi scrivere Log("ciao") dove lo devo scrivere affinchè nella finestra log appaia Ciao...
  5. I

    iOS Question Filter Log Window

    Hi There Is there a way to have the log window show only the messages outputted using Log & LogColor and have all other messages filtered. Currently I do see a lot of messages about Class Instances being released etc... which makes it very difficult to analyze the log. Thanks iCAB .
  6. P

    Android Question App crashes without any error

    Hello my app was working fine until i came to work on it but there was an error -> Maven artifact not found: com.google.firebase:firebase-installations (It was working before this error) So i opened sdk manager and selected com.google.firebase:firebase-installations AND...
  7. P

    Android Question Looking for a service...

    Hi. I'm looking for a service like crashlytic's logging Sub Activity_Click '//Something like this CL.CLog("log message...") End Sub But the only problem is that these logs are sent just when there is a crash. I'm looking for a service like this so i can send logs without "crash"ing my...
  8. R

    Android Question Real-time log messages

    Trying to add real-time log messages to my app, so I can investigate problems if not a the PC. The running code should pause while the message is showing and this is not as easy as I thought it would be. Currently I am trying this: In a code module (called General) I have this: Public Sub...
  9. R

    Android Question Is it possible to log Modle, Sub and error line of unhandled runtime error?

    Currently doing a simple error log for unhandled runtime errors: 'Return true to allow the OS default exceptions handler to handle the uncaught exception. Sub Application_Error (Error As Exception, StackTrace As String) As Boolean LogError(Error.Message) Return True End Sub Sub...
  10. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Unidentified error

    Hello all, I have a B4A App, that interacts with a Payment terminal i am getting an error that does not show in the code or the log window. It just crashes. The log (unfiltered) is as follows: Any ideas !? Logger connected to: Wolder miTab_COLORS_10 --------- beginning of crash FATAL...
  11. danijel

    Android Question Logs not showing

    Why I can't see any logs? I have this problem since B4A v8.0 Updated to v8.50 now... still the same problem. I am using B4A-Bridge v2.53
  12. LucaMs

    Wish Log routine name - crazy idea (?)

    My beautiful, perfect and... no longer usable, probably :D tool AddLogs inserted debug lines, so that the name of the running routine (and its parameters and related values) was logged. AddLogs added these logs to all the routines (which is sometimes annoying but certainly useful for...
  13. J

    Android Question B4A: How to hide caught Exception in Log?

    Good evening If an Exception is caught using B4A, then it's annoying to have the stack trace in the Log, because it looks like there was an unhandled error. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish between real exceptions and caught exceptions. Therefore my question: how can we hide caught...
  14. Gentry

    Android Question Send Log output to file on device?

    I'm trying to debug a app that uses geofences, so not connected to the IDE. Is there a (hopefully elegant) way to RedirectOutput (like B4J) but that captures the log output (with #BridgeLogger:True) to a local file? Would be super handy. If it's not already there, consider this a feature...
  15. JTmartins

    B4J Question rename the log file

    In B4J we get a logfile for the requests as : srvr.Initialize("srvr") srvr.Port = 8090 srvr.LogsFileFolder="Gagent.log" srvr.LogsRetainDays=1 However the log filename is always in the format b4j-date.request.log Is there anyway to rename the log file ? Thanks in advance.