loop insertion

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    Android Question how to get unique exoplayer for each instance

    Hello, this script puts an image and a player for each music track available in a chosen album. Up front I don't know exactly how many tracks there are. I had a same structure with the expandable clv tested, but for that I knew how much tracks there where so that was easier. So this one...
  2. DALB

    Android Question How to get the text of an editext in a panel in scrollview

    Hello everyone. I have a layout named PNLS In PNLS I have 2 labels and 1 EditText TXTS With a loop, I add some panels PNLS in a scrollview named SCV I invite the user to entrer datas in the editTexts named TXTS Question: How can I get the texts of each editText (to next insert in a SQLite...