1. toby

    Android Question equipment needed for two phones to communicate via LoRa

    I want to build a simple app that lets two phones, which are 5kms apart at maximum, communicate via LoRa with each other directly without Wi-Fi. Could someone provide a list of required equipment (excluding the phones) and show me where I can order them? TIA
  2. janderkan

    B4R Code Snippet ESP32 hardware serials on TTGO Lora board

    Following these instructions you have access to the 3 hardware serials on an ESP32. Serial0 is connected to the USB interface. The default pins are Serial0 - RX: GPIO3 , TX: GPIO1 Serial1 - RX: GPIO9 , TX: GPIO10 Serial2 - RX: GPIO16 , TX: GPIO17 On a TTGO Lora board the GPIO 9,10,16,17 are...
  3. janderkan

    Wish rRadioHead - RF95 / ReliableDatagram

    I have more than 2 Lora shields and then it is necessary to create some kind of protocol. In the Radiohead library this funtionality is in the RHReliableDatagram. I wish that this will be available in B4R. Docs
  4. janderkan

    B4R Library rRadioHead - RF95 / Default settings

    If I look at the Arduino project 'rf95_client' it says: // Defaults after init are 434.0MHz, 13dBm, Bw = 125 kHz, Cr = 4/5, Sf = 128chips/symbol, CRC on In B4R I can change the frequency, but what are the other parameters ? I would love the option to change these parameters from B4R :) (Please)
  5. Cableguy

    B4R Question LoRa and RF transceiver Vs GSM (need advice)

    Hi guys, I have a project on my virtual drawing board that will call for the use of 2way long range communication. Basically I will have a "master" device that will control a "Slave" by sending small packets (6 or 8 bit). The slave will then acknowledge the received message. This is not...