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    修改 github 的一个库(因为翻了太多的库,所以不知道到底是哪位作者的,找到了再补上)后,进行了转换,成功实现了基本的转换和取值功能。 直接分享链接如下: 需要的朋友,可以到 library 论坛下载, 后期在有空的时间升级,补足功能,基本使用方法,在发布帖子里有,就不赘述了。 有任何建议,都欢迎提出~(这算是英式中文了 =D )
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    B4A Library Simple Lunar Library

    Well, that's a Chinese Lunar Library, It's just convert milliseconds value to Chinese lunar calendar date。 e.g. the DateTime.Now The function is still very simple, although can be used basically. However, let's update it later. The App Use of this library: Basic Usage: Dim b As LunarLib...
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    Android Question The Problem When Create Lib Contains Chinese character encoding that cannot be converted.

    This question has been raised before, but it has nothing to do with it. However, when I want to convert a lunar calendar, I found I can't walk around this problem. The screenshots are as follows: Yes, It's not just for the memos , But the value ... So, Any Help? Thx