1. R

    B4R Question B4R for M5Stack?

    I am new on B4R, just found it today. Would like to program the M5Stack (ESP32) with B4R. I did a lot projects with Bascom, C, Arduino, etc. and AVR MCUs. So, my simple question is: Is M5Stack supported by B4R? Can it be used with same libraries as in Arduino? I have to use the display, UART...
  2. Chris160179

    Wish M5Stack - ESP32 Support

    Hello every Body, is there someone how likes to write a Library or Wrapper for the M5Stack Board? Official Site: https://m5stack.com/ GitHub Project with Arduino Library and some cool examples: https://github.com/m5stack/M5Stack There are 3 Boards called "Cores": - ESP32 Basic Core IoT...