mac address

  1. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE 2 - Concept of "ID" different between iOS and Android...

    Hi everyone, I'm developing an app that uses the BLE, i'm using the last suggested way: this. However... i need to connect to a specific device knowing the MAC Address... I made the App for Android and everything works because when the sub "_DeviceFound" fires it returns something like: where...
  2. Songwut K.

    Android Question How can I get wifi ssid and mac address list of access point ?

    My hospital finger scan not enough for convenient, I'd like to make solution for sign in/out to work daily. To make some app that scan wifi ssid and get mac address at check in area and take selfie photo to sign in/out. I want some library for my android app. 1) Scan wifi and get ssid with...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Question How do I get a MAC address of a computer (Windows/Linux)

    Ola I want to lock my ABM app to a particular MAC address of the computer that it will be running from. This means I need, when the app is starting to run, get the MAC address of the computer and then compare it to the built in MAC address on my app. Is there a way for a B4J server app to read...
  4. Chris160179

    B4R Question Connect the ESP8266 to an Accesspoint with an specific MAC address

    Hello everybody, is there a way to connect the ESP8266 to an specific Mac address of Accesspoint. I have 3 Accesspoints, every Accesspoint has his own MAC address but the same SSID. The ESP8266 connects somtimes to the wrong Accesspoint not really in range. Thank you