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    Spanish (Solucionado) App para Makeblock

    Hola, Me compré hace una semana un kit Makeblock mbot Ranger, que es un kit robot 3 en 1, con el que puedes montar un tanque, un coche 2 ruedas con una rueda trasera loca y un 2 ruedas que mantiene el equilibrio tipo segway o tipo hoverboard. Tiene bluetooth, wifi, sensor de lineas...
  2. William Lancee

    Share My Creation Using Android Bluetooth Commands to Control a Makeblock Robot

    he Makeblock robot is a low-priced kit that is easily assembled and that works well as designed. The default control sofware is effective but does not work for custom complex control sequences. It is possible to replace the default firmware with one's own through B4R, Arduino IDE, or the mBot...