maven artifact not found

  1. S

    Android Question Maven artifact not found : androidx.emoji2/emoji2-views Source: AppCompat

    Hi , i updated my B4A to 12.50 but if i try to run in debug my app , ii receive this message: Maven artifact not found: androidx.emoji2/emoji2-views Source: AppCompat The problem is this Library that i use into my app. ...How i can solve it? Thank you
  2. A

    Android Question ExoPlayer not working

    Привет. When I try to include the ExoPlayer library I get the message: "Maven artifact not found:". What could it be? Where can I download the latest version of this player? Thanks in advance
  3. mare1980k1

    Android Question Maven artifact not found: RuntimePermissions

    Hi, I have problem with error: Maven artifact not found: The app compiles normally until I add RuntimePermissions. I used RuntimePermissions many times now and never had this error, whats more, I get the error on the project that worked. I installed all google...
  4. J

    Android Question Maven artifact not found:

    Hi All, Please could someone shed some light on this error: Maven artifact not found: I have installed this with the SDK Manager (see screenshot). What am I doing wrong? Sorry for the ignorance, but I am a complete noob with B4A. Regards, Jacques.