1. M

    Android Question How to play the audio files directly from res/raw folder?

    Hi, I have multiple audio files in res/raw folder. How to play those with media player? see this in stackoverflow
  2. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question Play new file in MediaPlayer

    I've not found any answer in the Forum to this, what I thought would be a common question, but apologies if I've not had a thorough look. I have some code in a legacy project which plays a video file: Dim mp As MediaPlayer Dim mv As JavaObject Dim MediaViewNode As Node...
  3. M

    Android Question Android 10 Media Player can't play Midi files

    my app based on MidiSystem2 and Midi Driver V2 Library from steve 05. Many thanks again to Steve for his outstanding work!!! With the app the user creates midi files, which are then played with the media player. On Android 8 everything works perfect. With Android 10 devices is not possible...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved] - Using MediaPlayer to queue up and play sound files just like ExoPlayer

    Greetings, Can you tell me if it's possible to queue up and play the sound files in MediaPlayer from a list object just like you can do with the ExoPlayer? I'm asking because we had to change our apps that play sounds from the ExoPlayer to the MediaPlayer because customers are updating their...
  5. A

    Android Question get song picture in B4A

    Hi to all I want to make a lyric timing app for android and I use libraries to find music path, name and duration,artists and ... I want to know how can I get the mp3 cover image? is there a library? please help me, i need that soon thanx a lot
  6. FierceBlaze

    Android Question Please Clarify This? A Background Activity with a MediaPlayer Stream!

    I just returned to B4A to recreate an app that I was only able to build in B4A before. But this Background/Foreground Activity vs Android 8+ issue has me nuts on this forum... I can't seem to get a straight answer. Can someone please lay this to rest for me? I just need to play a mediaplayer or...
  7. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question MP3 Player in B4J non-Ui Application

    Hello all, I have to code a simple application to play a mP3 file in linux command line. like : PlayMp3 [File to play] It works in Ui mode with Jfx, but not in non-Ui applications. Is there a way to solve this ?
  8. I

    Android Question How to implement notification and lockscreen controls for ExoPlayer?

    ExoPlayer is a nice addition to B4A. It's built-in UI controls are nice enough to not bother with developing custom UI. It even supports background playback. But for a media player, users usually expect player controls on both notification and lockscreen when playing in the background. Popular...
  9. A

    Android Question Pause current audio, whilst I play my own audio?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to do the following.... 1) When I am ready to play my own audio (i.e. MP.Play).... - Stop any currently playing audio (e.g. podcast, music etc) 2) When my audio has finished -Resume the currently playing audio If I could just get step 1 working, that...