1. M

    Android Question MediaPlayerStream with creds for basic auth?

    I'm trying to stream just the audio from an IP camera. The camera I'm using (Amcrest) publishes the URL for the audio stream as: http://ip/cgi-bin/audio.cgi?action=getAudio&httptype=singlepart&channel=1 I can put that in a browser and it pops up a basic url auth dialog and after entering...
  2. FierceBlaze

    Android Question Please Clarify This? A Background Activity with a MediaPlayer Stream!

    I just returned to B4A to recreate an app that I was only able to build in B4A before. But this Background/Foreground Activity vs Android 8+ issue has me nuts on this forum... I can't seem to get a straight answer. Can someone please lay this to rest for me? I just need to play a mediaplayer or...