memory leak

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    B4J Question CustomiListView out of memory

    If B4XTable or xChart are added separately in the CustomiListView, there will be no error. If both B4XTable and xChart are added at the same time, there will be a memory overflow phenomenon.I cann't release objects. Perhaps my code was not written correctly,could anybody give me some advice to...
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    B4J Question [B4J][BananoServer][BVAD3] Serious Memory Leak

    Please help! I have a B4J/BananoServer/BVAD3 app that includes a "realtime" polling of data from a MSSQL database using DirectDB. It polls the databse about every 10 seconds with the work being done in a BananoServer Background Worker. It depletes all the system memory in about every week. I...