1. D

    Android Question Custom Fonts for Message Boxes

    My app has a particular look and feel which includes a custom font. When I use: xui.Msgbox2Async It uses the default font for the Modal Box. Is there any way to change the font to be the same as the custom font of my app?
  2. Scotter

    Android Question Best way to show user a quick message on top layer?

    What are my options for displaying a quickie little messagebox telling a user something like, "Tap here" and then it disappears in like 2 seconds? As opposed to the one that has an OK button they have to press to get rid of? This would be a lot easier than adding an image to the screen, telling...
  3. Star-Dust

    Android Code Snippet SD: MsgBox re-stylized

    There are many libraries that update and modify MsgBox and all interesting, but no one meets my needs. So I created someone I did. I hope someone else might be useful. It's not a library. Only snippets of code. Does not require any additional library. You can include on your sources or you can...