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    iOS Question [B4X] BLE refresh available Services and Characteristics - Missing Feature?

    Hi everyone, I noticed an important missing feature in the BLE library. It seems to not be possibile to refresh the ServiceList, given the fact that the only place where you can get it is in the "Connected" event.... I'have a BLE Device that exposes a Service only after you complete a...
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    Android Question MethodNotAllowedHttpException: The GET method is not supported for this route.

    While the above error might seem straightforward, unfortunately it isn't. My app has an HTTP Post Multipart request that sends some parameters and a CSV file to the client's server. This is the relevant code. Dim fd As MultipartFileData fd.Initialize fd.KeyName = "filename" fd.Dir =...
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    Android Question B4XView has not Initialize method

    hi everyone, today i was coding an app and when a tried to use an B4Xview the app crashed because it was not initliazed, so i tried to do view.Initialize but the ide says that the method does not exist D: Thanks
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    Bug? B4i IDE Method missing in IntelliSense

    I noticed that for Page element are missing the method "_Click" and "_Resize(Width, Height)" that exists.