1. Sergio Haurat

    Android Question B4A_MiniSearchView (With an improvement made by me)

    Original Post: In the application I'm developing, I need an event to be executed to capture the text. Line 2 and lines 84 to 86, within the Sub CLV_ItemClick, you can see the modifications of the...
  2. mmieher

    Android Question [Ignore This] B4A MiniSearchview - A MacGyver Guide to Making it Work

    In case it helps someone else ... Reference: Spent many hours slogging through the forum doing the rookie-dance with MiniSearchView. Finally came up with something that works for me. Bless...
  3. james_sgp

    Android Question Minisearchview on xCLV, getting text

    I`m using the Minisearchview on a 'card' in a xCLV for input, but I can`t get its contents using pp.getview(x).xxxx? If I try getview(x).textfield.text i get error "Uknonwn member: textfield". Welcoming any suggestions...thanks
  4. cjpryor

    B4J Question MiniSearchView TextField click unreachable when MiniSearchView fields overlap

    I would like to collapse the MiniSearchView fields to use up less space on the page. Unfortunately, this can result in either 1) the click event of the TextField not accessible or 2) the CLV fields not moving to the front so they are visible over the TextField. I thought I could...
  5. james_sgp

    Android Question MiniSearchView odd behaviour

    Hi, I am using MiniSearchView; it looks and works beautifully until I try to do anything (search database, et) with the text selected using [xxx.textfield.text] the CLV appears again above the text box with the selected text? Ok...problem found, I was putting the value back into the field...
  6. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] MiniSearchView doesn't work

    Hi, i'm trying to use the minisearchview but i get this error when i use the "setitems" function: *** -[__NSPlaceholderArray initWithObjects:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[1] Thanks