1. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Small network via WiFi direct, to access the SQLight server.

    I can not find a working example for working with WIFI direct. All old WiFi examples and libraries do not work on new smartphones. You may need to make special entries in the manifest and comply with security requirements in new versions of android? I am a beginner and I can assume that you...
  2. Computersmith64

    B4A Library MLwifi Library Updated to v4.00

    Attached Java Source Code - couldn't attach the entire Android Studio project as even zipped it was too big (900 KB) for the forum limits. If you want the entire project, private message me with your email address & I'll send it to you. Library updated to v4.40 Added @Events so the...
  3. uniplan

    Android Question Scan wifi and MLwifi library

    Hi to all...i need to scan the all wifi around me at the moment and know the ssid. I test the MLwifi library: but the wifi_ScanDone not triggered...why? it necessary or possible to set a time limit to scan? this is my code...thank you Sub...