1. Computersmith64

    B4A Library MLwifi Library Updated to v4.00

    Library updated to v4.30 Minor code tweaks & tidy up. Tested saveWifiAP, connectWifiAP, reconnectWifiAP & disconnectWifiAP on Android 4.4.2, 9 & 10. Library updated to v4.20 Bug Fixes / Improvements: * Added support for Android Pie. * Improved connectivity when using saveWifiAP with...
  2. uniplan

    Android Question Scan wifi and MLwifi library

    Hi to all...i need to scan the all wifi around me at the moment and know the ssid. I test the MLwifi library: but the wifi_ScanDone not triggered...why? it necessary or possible to set a time limit to scan? this is my code...thank you Sub...