1. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANAnoWired] 15 Mockup Elements for your Prototypes

    Ola When I started working with the Mermaid library I also discovered this nice mockup js library called wired. This lib is just for generating mockups/wireframes for anyone playful. We have 15 elements currently in the library. These are 1. Input 2. Toggle 3. TextArea 4. Radio / RadioGroup...
  2. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation [Cuppy] B4X Forum Desktop App Mockup

    First, I think I should mention that this isn't a real app and Anywhere Software has nothing to do with it. This mockup/design demonstrates/shows the type of B4J apps you would be able to create using Cuppy Framework starting from the full release. Currently, Cuppy Framework is under the beta...
  3. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation Free Bio-Registration Form Design/mockup

    I created and designed it with powerpoint 100%. Usually i make use of Figma but today i decided to make something different that the community can actually use easily and turn into real design in B4J. I might consider later uploading the B4J design which i haven't had time to convert into yet...
  4. Mashiane

    365 Web Resources

    Quite interesting find..