1. carlos7000

    Spanish Uso de Mod

    Ya que no encontré un ejemplo claro del uso de Mod, dejo un pequeño ejemplo de su uso. Public Sub UsoDeMod(Numero As Int, Modulo As Int) As Boolean Dim Residuo As Int Residuo = (Numero Mod Modulo) If Residuo = 0 Then 'Si Valor es multiplo (Modulo) Return True...
  2. mazezone

    B4A Library [B4X] Music Tracker Box (xm, s3m, mod)

    Music player libraries for MOD, S3M and XM formats. Support: B4A and B4J. Demo b4a and b4j: TrackerBox Initialize Initialization LoadModule (SampleRate As Int, Dir As String, FileName As String) Loading a module into memory SampleRate: 8000 Hz to 128000 Hz ReadyModule As Boolean [read...
  3. kimstudio

    Share My Creation ModPlayer

    Ported B4A Audio visualization to B4J as a MOD player with real-time spectrum and pattern visualization. It plays Lo-Fi 8 bit tracker music in MOD tracker format. The left bottom playlist button pops up file dialog that supports multiple files selection to make a playlist. Name of samples...