1. erol34

    Excel (VBA) is not dead !

    I invite Basic lovers to read the last post on my blog.. Please feel free to share your thoughts. You can easily translate page to your language by using the translate widget on the left..
  2. C

    B4J Library Asynchronous modbus TCP master

    Hello everyone, Here a modbus TCP master library, fully programmed in b4j. This library is asynchronous, by use of the asyncstreams and Callback method. The response is an event, a separate sub, different then your sub where you did the request. This has the advantage that an unresponsive...
  3. H

    Android Question Modbus_CRC16 VB6 To B4A Code problem help

    VB6 verification is written in this way. How to write the code in b4a, can you help me Function CRC16(data() As Byte) As String Dim CRC16Lo As Byte, CRC16Hi As Byte Dim CL As Byte, CH As Byte Dim SaveHi As Byte, SaveLo As Byte Dim i As Integer...
  4. C

    B4J Code Snippet Modbus TCP server - slave - restricted functionality

    Hello everyone, Here a small quick and dirty implementation of the modbus TCP protocol in B4J as a server / slave. Please note that this is not a complete library! The following limitations are: -Only READING (not writing) of holding registers possible by modbus master(function code 03) from...
  5. Florent_78

    French Modbus TCIP - B4A

    Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'une librarie pour communiquer en Modbus TCP-IP qui prendrait en compte les principes codes fonctions. Pour les donnees du type input register / coils / Holding register) Par avance merci. Florent