1. M

    B4J Question Modules to specify

    Hello everybody. I am rather new to B4J, so, sorry if I ask a kind of nerd question. I have installed B4J in my computer (Win10, 64bit, Java 11 SDK) and also Java JDK version 11.0.12 in my Raspberry Pi. The B4J IDE informs that the Bridge is connected, but when I try to run the example it...
  2. M

    Wish Possible to create real classes in B4R (and create instances of that class)?

    You can create class modules in B4R but they act as singletons - I can't define a class module say "MQTTBUNDLE" and then create instances of that class. I know the whole thing about low resources and all that but is this something that might be possible in the future? I'm using Types for this...
  3. Ö

    Android Question Accessing objects from different modules

    I am using Map (MainMap) on each line for CustomListView1 within the THSLT module. But I need to access CustomListView1 and Map (MainMap) content from the other module (ODM). As I read and understand in the forum, there is no direct access to the object. I hope the following example shows my...

    Android Question Code Includes

    Hello, Please, a little question at 1/2 cent : Is there an way to include some vb script modules like in .asp pages " <! - # include ...--> " (vbscript in active server pages) which include in one place, a piece of code as is Regards Michel
  5. nwhitfield

    Wish Include directive or new module type for x-platform code

    It's becoming very easy now to create apps that work on both iPhone and Android, with XUI and other b4x libraries. However, when it comes to handling the events, I now find that there are some things - displaying an XUI dialog box, for example, and getting the info back from the choices it...
  6. MarkusR

    new app design idea

    i think its wrong to sale a static app. if we make/sale app modules that the enduser (or maybe a software developer) can connect its more useful. something like plug & play. there is so much waste in duplicated effort & time & money. so much apps contains the same and exists parallel. it...
  7. avalle

    Bug? Class modules disappear from IDE view

    I'm developing a REST API project containing 14 class modules. All modules are added to the project. The project is saved and closed. When I reopen the project i can only see 11 or 12 modules instead of 14. The missing modules are still linked (e.g. if I compile the project it works as expected...