1. M

    Other [SOLVED] How much to donate?

    Hello (sorry for my english) I have to introduce myself for you to have a context: I'm from Colombia and we're not used to use things free and then donate, we buy it and use it or if it's free just enjoy it LOL BUT B4A is not just an amazing IDE: its forum is so fu***** crazy! Everything what...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Specify thousands separator

    Hello, I did not find anything like this in B4I forum. Is there a way to do the same thing in B4I? Thanks
  3. Star-Dust

    B4J Library MoneyEditText (class)

    On the Italian forum, I was asked if it was possible to create an editTex similar to the one found on PayPal, or generally the method of entering digits in the cash register. As you know it starts with the value 0.00 and digtat digits are inserted from the right to the left. The last two digits...
  4. German Buchmuller

    Android Question Add "$" Symbol to Edittext

    Hi, I want to add the Currency symbol to the begining of the editext, so that when the user writes a number, automatically the symbol "$" will be added to the begining of the editext. Thanks to all