1. Mashiane

    B4J Library [SithasoMongoDB] A jMongo class helper for everything MongoDB CRUD

    Hi there This helper class is to help anyone explore the jMongo library for CRUD for the less adventurous. Demo attached. SithasoMongoDB Initialize (sHost As String, iPort As Int, dbName As String, tblName As String) As SithasoMongoDB ' 'initialize the class Dim dbMongo As SithasoMongoDB...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question jMongo - a few questions

    Hi there How do I execute and get results of the following? Q1. On inset, i want to somehow execute getInsertedCount and get its result. Q2. On update, do similar with getModifiedCount Q3. On delete, do similar with getDeletedCount Q4. Can one use ResumableSubs with jMongo? Thanks in advance
  3. H

    B4J Question AND in MongoDB

    Hello, I am trying to query a record from a collection, "employees". The query is to find a record which _id is 1 and the name is Dev. I used the statement below: Dim emplist3 As List = employees.Find(CreateMap("$and" : CreateMap("_id":1, "name":"Dev")),Null,Null) But it says something...