1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Class [B4X] [XUI] AS MsgBox/Dialog

    First, i spend a lot of time in creating views, some views i need by my self, but some views not and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me, then you can do it here by Paypal. :) Hello, I needed a cross platform msgbox and dialog, that I can modify to 100%...
  2. LucaMs

    Bug? Designer - moving N views

    As you can see, I select "few" views and I'm able to move them. If I select all (maybe too many) the views, I cannot drag them. Wish (in the wrong place :D): dragging a group of view, it would be useful to display the left and top coordinates of the first view, the one at the top left.