1. Poteitor

    Spanish Aporte: Reproductor mp3 sencillo.

    Hola a tod@s, soy nuevo por aquí así que me presento... me llamo Txus y soy un aprendiz de programador de la vieja escuela de Visual Basic reconvertido a los tiempos 'modernos'. A pesar de que B4A está basado en VBasic algunas (muchas) cosas se me atragantan, por ello no me tengais en cuenta...
  2. S

    Android Question Only show seekbar of Exoplayer and rewind/fastforward

    Hello, I have 2 questions for Exoplayer, 1-is it possible to only show the seekbar/progressbar and time of the Exoplayer, and not the buttons? If yes how to do that? playing with these settings sometimes I only see the rewind/fastforward and not play stop, but that's probably a glitch...
  3. W

    Android Question Android 11 not playing mp3 soundpool DirAssets

    I'am playing a little mp3 file with soundpool (sound airhorn) which is located on DirAssets. This was allways working but now on Android 11 it doesn't work any more (several devices). When i send the mp3 file by a mail attachment it will normaly playing. Any suggestions? {code}Dim Snd As...
  4. S

    Android Question Possible to stream MP3 with exoplayer from password protected webfolder?

    Hello, I'm using the exoplayer to stream mp3 from my server. Is it possible to stream from a protected folder? So the mp3 stays protected from unwanted downloading and only streaming via the app is possible? If yes, then please how to do that? I've searched but I can't find similar example...
  5. S

    iOS Question MediaPlayer doesn't play mp3 files

    Hi, I am developing a chat with audio messaging and I faced a problem. I can download the file from the server using FTP, but I cannot play it, I have the error here: Mp.Initialize(File.DirDocuments, audiomessagefilename, "MP") Error: Error loading file: Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain...
  6. D

    Android Question ftp upload/dowload mp3 files

    When I upload files to my FTP server, they are uploaded there "broken". Garbage appears instead of the expected audio track. Is this a problem with the server itself or am I doing something wrong? files are mp3 audio messages that I record using the VoiceRecording library I would be glad for...
  7. S

    Share My Creation Folder based Music and Video Player

    Because I dont find an easy to use Folderplayer in the GooglePlayStore I have written my own. You can see and download the Player at The main functions are: ► Play audio and video files ► folder structure ► Sort...
  8. Chris160179

    Wish ESP8266 Audio MP3 decoder

    Hello everybody, I found a Project on git hub witch uses the esp8266 to Play / stream mp3 Audio. May be there is some one how translate this Project to a B4r Library:) Thank you
  9. carlos7000

    Android Question Play multiple audio files at the same time

    I need to develop an application that has the ability to play several mp3 files at the same time. Imagine that someone records an audio file for each musician in an orchestra, and then all the tracks can be played at the same time so that it sounds as if all the musicians are gathered and...
  10. carlos7000

    Spanish Reproducir varios archivos de audio al mismo tiempo

    Necesito desarrollar una aplicación que posea la capacidad de reproducir varios archivos mp3 al mismo tiempo. Imagine que alguien graba un archivo de audio por cada músico en una orquesta y luego se desea reproducir todas las pistas al mismo tiempo para que suene como si todos los músicos...
  11. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question MP3 Player in B4J non-Ui Application

    Hello all, I have to code a simple application to play a mP3 file in linux command line. like : PlayMp3 [File to play] It works in Ui mode with Jfx, but not in non-Ui applications. Is there a way to solve this ?