mqtt broker

  1. Yafuhenk

    B4R Question [SOLVED] Can't connect B4R MQTT client to B4J MQTT broker

    Hi, I read several posts and studied several examples but I can't connect my ESP8266 D1 mini to the broker. Sub Process_Globals Private Broker As MqttBroker Private Client As MqttClient Private ESPTopic As String = "ESP8266_1" Private Name As String = "SKIKK_1" End Sub Sub...
  2. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question MQTT without coverage GSM only on WiFi

    Hello, I am new MQTT technology and therefore I want to know will MQTT allow me to use Wifi for messaging? This option can to collect information from android devices near the server (broker) by WiFi? Security tools in modern versions of android will allow me to solve my problem? Where can I...
  3. labcold

    B4J Question jMqttBroker with multiple NICs

    I am building a system which needs simple lightweight MQTT broker so as all the apps connected are in B4X I thought I could use jMqttBroker. However there are 2 NICs in the system; one for the connected devices network and one external. I want to run the MQTT broker ONLY on the internal LAN NIC...
  4. paris7162

    B4A Library MQTT Multiplayer Library

    This is a MQTT Multiplayer Library created by one of the best B4A library creators and member in the B4X Community. I use his libraries in all of my games. I didn’t write any of this code and I told him I would keep his identity private unless he wanted to reveal who he is. I use it to play a...
  5. Didier9

    B4J Question MQTT topic subscription expiring

    I have been experimenting with the MQTT library, helped by a Raspberry Pi running Mosquitto. This is a general MQTT issue rather than a specific B4J library question but I would like confirmation from someone with more experience with the protocol. It seems like any subscription to a...
  6. A

    Android Question MQTT library for B4A

    Hello, I am now trying the chat MQTT example by Erel, but it shows (on B4A) that a library of MQTT and MQTT broker is missing. I didn't find any MQTT library for B4A... Does anybody know how to download the MQTT library for B4A? Thanks in advance
  7. walterf25

    B4J Question MQTT accessed from outside

    Hi All, i'm working on a project which requires a device to send data over to a PC. I came across the MQTT library and I thought I would give it a try, i'm really amazed at how simple it is to set this up, whether running the MQTT Broker on a local P.C. or using one of the cloud host servers...