1. mazezone

    B4A Library [B4X] Music Tracker Box (xm, s3m, mod)

    Music player libraries for MOD, S3M and XM formats. Support: B4A and B4J. Demo b4a and b4j: TrackerBox Initialize Initialization LoadModule (SampleRate As Int, Dir As String, FileName As String) Loading a module into memory SampleRate: 8000 Hz to 128000 Hz ReadyModule As Boolean [read...
  2. kimstudio

    Share My Creation ModPlayer

    Ported B4A Audio visualization to B4J as a MOD player with real-time spectrum and pattern visualization. It plays Lo-Fi 8 bit tracker music in MOD tracker format. The left bottom playlist button pops up file dialog that supports multiple files selection to make a playlist. Name of samples...
  3. T

    Share My Creation Akustik Karaoke (Turkish Songs)

    In fact, AkustikKaraoke offers a service that a music lover has always dreamed of. "As an application, I can sing my song with quality and clean infrastructures, my voice will shine a little, even if there is a slight depth in my voice" Do these expressions sound familiar to you? At this...
  4. kimstudio

    Share My Creation MIDIChorder

    MIDIChorder is a chord progression sequencer with different styles to simulate an accompanyment band. There are some MIDI related stuff/discussions in the forum which triggered me to learn MIDI related audio programming. Thanks @stevel05 for his great MIDI library for making all these easier and...
  5. S

    Share My Creation Folder based Music and Video Player

    Because I dont find an easy to use Folderplayer in the GooglePlayStore I have written my own. You can see and download the Player at The main functions are: ► Play audio and video files ► folder structure ► Sort...
  6. Abdou1283

    Android Question play music without stopping

    Hi, I am working on developing an application to listen to the radio and I do not want to stop the music after I leave the application permanently only when terminated by the user using the notification, for that reason i create a service to play music, but when i swipe the app from the recent...