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    Android Question Automatic launch of MyLocation after reboot.

    Is it possible for an application like MyLocation to automatically continue running after the device is rebooted? For testing, we will add a timer to the Starter service module. We are not changing anything else in MyLocation! Sub Process_Globals Private Timer_Starter As Timer Dim Bp...
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    Android Question The reasons for the crash of the process in the background.

    Good day! I have a program that works in the background, like "MyLocation". During development, I constantly (around the clock) test it for background operation. The background mode worked stably, when suddenly, for a completely inexplicable reason, the internal timer stopped. It makes no...
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    Android Question About the MyLocation app

    Hello! I noticed one curious thing about the MyLocation type of application. It started with the fact that I decided to write an application that runs in the background like MyLocation. Let's say we have the following lines in a test program. 1. Module "Main". Sub Activity_Resume...