mysql connection

  1. B

    Android Question RDC conector not take database specified in file

    Hi, I've running RDC server and works fine, but the test URL always shows this RemoteServer is running (10/25/2022 13:44:24) Error fetching connection. In file I've this config #DATABASE CONFIGURATION DriverClass=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver...
  2. Mondlane06

    Share My Creation School Management System

    Sistema de Gestão Escolar Completo B4A e PHP administrador Professor Estudante Pai Recurso completo Login múltiplo (admin + professor + aluno + pais) Gestão Estudantil. Gestão Docente. Gestão de Presença Gestão Salarial Gestão de pagamentos Gestão de Horários Gerenciamento de...
  3. R

    Android Question Connect to Mysql Database

    Hello, I try to connect to a Mysql Database i follow the tutorial here:, but i always have the same error: #Region Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel: B4A Example #VersionCode: 1 #VersionName: 'SupportedOrientations possible values: unspecified, landscape or portrait...
  4. M

    Android Question How do I connect to MYSQL in my application?

    How do I get my application to do SQL queries against an online database? The tutorial below is old and the php file no longer works.
  5. gpbimal

    Android Question mysql connection

    Dear Developers I want to connect a remote database (mysql) with b4a application. I'm basic in B4A because I'm a VB Developer. I've read jRDC2 - Connect to remote databases from B4A example sites, view in YouTube and follow the given instruction. But I unable to connect my database. I just...