native library

  1. O

    Java Question Error while running b4a project when Import library that use native library inside.

    Hello All, I'm trying to import Speex library to my B4A project, Speex library depend on native library JNA, I was able to import the library to my project and it compiles fine but when running I got this error : - java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native library...
  2. ArminKh1993

    B4A Library FirebaseAdmobPlus

    FirebaseAdmobPlus is no longer supported, please check out GoogleMobileAds lib Hi This is a full wrapper over goolgle ads sdk. It supports : - Banner (Also Adaptive...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question Good Emulators to debug my App with a Native Library

    Hello, i've been using Genymotion for a long time, but now that I need to use a native library, I can not install the app anymore and have to look for a good alternative. Since my Samsung S7 Edge still does not support Android 8, but I want to prepare the app so slowly on API 26, I need an...