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  1. M

    iOS Question Get name of current page on Resume (Application_Active)

    Hi everyone, i was trying to replicate the Activity_Resume of B4A in iOS. There is the Application_Active, but the problem is that i need to do page related things. Example User opens the app on Page 0, then he go to Page1, then the user sends the app to background. Then he resume the app, so...
  2. Andris

    iOS Question Can I somehow set Page1.Visible (read only)? [Restarting B4i/B4A]

    I'm occasionally restarting my iOS app like this: Page1.RootPanel.RemoveAllViews Application_Start(NavControl) I don't know if this is an acceptable thing to do, but most of the time it works. However, in certain situations that I haven't been able to pinpoint yet, this restart ends up...