1. A

    Android Question Reading NfcV tag ISO15693

    Hello, i try to read memory of tag using TagTech.RunAsync("TT", "transceive", Array(Array As Byte(0x20, 0x20, 0x01)), 0) Wait For TT_RunAsync (Flag As Int, Success As Boolean, Result As Object) but the result is different each time the same tag is read...
  2. Arnaud

    Android Question NFC-V

    Hello, I have tried Nfc library and a tag type 4 "Ndef" ISO/IEC 14443 , it works perfect. Now, I have an other tag, but it is the type 5 "NFC-V" , iso 15693. But the object are different than Ndef, and I don't find the solution to work fine. Is it possible to have an example for NFC-V (as...