1. stevel05

    B4J Library [B4j] Javax print wrapper for UI and non-UI apps.

    This is a wrap of the Javax print API. It is more complex to use than the Javafx print API but does have a few benefits such as being usable in non-UI apps and access to java Swing printable interface which makes it easy to print the content of swing nodes. The main example app contains an...
  2. Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

    B4J Code Snippet Managing Hidden Jar Processes

    Based on Erel's tutorial here: I made this program mainly to view and kill Jar processes that are hidden (non - UI) Of course, the TableView shows both UI and non UI Jar processes. Note that you might...
  3. J

    Android Question ETP videos: running Erel's displayed code

    Hello, I am teaching myself how to program in B4A, so I thought that I would work through Erel's videos. Watched/listened pretty carefully through the first 3 (Code Flow, Subs and Variables, Strings). On the fourth one, there were some things that I didn't understand well (about Lists, mostly...
  4. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question HTTP response Headers in Non Ui applications

    How can I get the headers from the response in a non-ui application ? I recall that Erel provided a code to replace in the Httputils source to expose the headers, but how can i do it in non UI app ? code provided by Erel Sub hc_ResponseSuccess (Response As HttpResponse, TaskId As Int) Dim...