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  1. CrunkFX

    iOS Question AddView throws Object was not initialized (UIView)

    Hey there, can you tell me what causes this B4A snippet to throw an exception in B4i? Is it just not compatible with XUI? I don´t get it. Public Sub PrepareTransition_RadiusIn (Xui As XUI, RootWidth As Float, RootHeight As Float, CurrentPageRoot As B4XView, NewPageRoot As B4XView) As...
  2. D

    iOS Question bitmap - object not initialized (B4i v7.50 and iOS 14.6)

    Hi Guys I have a problem with some old code that now throws an error when compiled using the latest version of B4i v7.50 but only on a devices running iOS14.6 - OK on a device running iOS 12.5.4. The same code is cross platform and runs OK on Android devices. B4i forms designer has a ImageView...
  3. M

    iOS Question Custom Fonts Problem

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to use these fonts (attached), i put this in "#Region Project Attributes" #AppFont: futuralt-bold.ttf #AppFont: futuralt-book.ttf #AppFont: futuralt-bookoblique.ttf i put the .ttf in the Special folder, and did like so: lblTitleLastOps.Font =...
  4. J

    iOS Question Object was not initialized (UIView)

    Hi there I wrote this code some months ago and I'm sure it was working back then. Something must have changed because now it crashes at the line pg.RootPanel.LoadLayout. It says 'Object was not initialized (UIView)' but what object? Sub Show(date As String) DateTime.DateFormat =...