1. R

    Android Question Converting object to string

    I can do this with something like this: Sub CStr(oVal As String) As String Return oVal End Sub [\CODE] This is fine if oVal has a string assigned to it, eg: oVal = "abc" However, this won't work if oVal has nil assigned to it, so for example: [CODE] Dim o As Object Log(CStr(o)) [\CODE]...
  2. Ö

    Android Question Accessing objects from different modules

    I am using Map (MainMap) on each line for CustomListView1 within the THSLT module. But I need to access CustomListView1 and Map (MainMap) content from the other module (ODM). As I read and understand in the forum, there is no direct access to the object. I hope the following example shows my...

    Android Question [Solved] Object GetType

    Hello, I have that sub to try to make some actions regarding of the view object type : Sub TrtObject(Obj As Object) Dim Lbl As Label Dim Btn As Button Dim Lv As ListView Dim Clv As CustomListView Log(GetType(Obj)) If GetType(Obj) = "Label" Then Lbl...
  4. Maodge

    Android Question [solved]question on "Null"

    pls look at the following code dim map1 as map dim s as string dim o as object map1.Initialize map1.Put("4","d") map1.Put("1","a") map1.Put("101","a") s = map1.get(1) ' s = null o = map1.Get(1) 'o = null If s<> Null Then Log("s is not null") Else Log("s...
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Question TableView: To 'Object' or To 'List' - that is the question

    Hi there I have been using the 'Dim row(3) As Object' notation for a while with tableviews record addition. So I decided to try to use a list instead. So I.. Dim row as List row.Initialize row.add("x") row.add("y") row.add("z") tableview.items.add(row) of rather row.AddAll(array as...
  6. K

    Android Question Label Drawable not work

    Label Drawable = ColorDrawable property not work color of lable not change
  7. K

    Android Question Class of Objects

    Hii everybody. I have to create my own obect like edittext,button with my own property using this as base object how to do that? thanks in advance.
  8. Domingo Garcia

    B4J Question B4J Extract Object values

    Hi, I'm using the jDRC2 module and would like to write a text file with all the sql commands and the data processed. but how do I extract the data from the cmd.Parameters object to text fields separated with ",". I tried dumping into the log to see what it looked like and got this: Command: Q2...