1. D

    Android Question Passing a reference to an object

    Hi, Guys I am having a problem - I am using B4X pages and have setup an object to store information used by may classes and pages in my application. In the App this global object (with a public attribute) resides in the B4XMainPage, however when testing is can reside elsewhere. So I have...
  2. D

    Android Question Null and "" what is the best practice

    Hi, Guys I am in the process of cleaning up some old code (which does work). This code appears to use null or "" relating to strings in indicate they are empty. I remember reading a Post from Erel saying best not to use Null for some situations (but I can't find it) and I could have got it...
  3. S

    Italian Lavorare con le variabili =List e Objects Estrapolare i dati

    Salve non sono molto esperto in programmazione di seguito posto parte del mio programma: Sub ListAnimals As ResumableSub Wait For (Connect) Complete (Success As Boolean) If Success Then Try Dim sf As Object = mysql.ExecQueryAsync("mysql", "SELECT id, data FROM...
  4. J

    Android Question B4x Best Practice for downloading and parsing Objects

    This is a generic question about the responsibility of a class in downloading and parsing it's own members and if this is considered good practice. I have a now large program that downloads multiple objects from the internet and saves them into lists I am trying to keep my main class as "clean"...
  5. K

    Android Question object base class

    Hii experts, I have to create an application by custom components class. in which I want all same property of default object. like Button class, I want to create my custom components button which contains all property and event of buttons. like in other software, there is option of base class...
  6. Kevin

    B4R Question How do I remove an object from array?

    I used the ESP Configurator to get me started with communicating with my ESP-12E. When I then tried using the B4A client example to communicate with it, it ended up screwing up the WiFi settings on the ESP. I quickly realized why after looking at the code. So now I intend to add a "header" so...