1. M

    iOS Question offline iSpeechRecognition

    Hi everyone, i'm programming an app where could be cool to support voice to text functionality. I read (and noticed) that it works only when the phone is connected to the internet. The tutorial is dated 2016. Is there a offline way to do it now? Thanks in advance :D
  2. Derek Johnson

    Android Question [Solved] Intent to show Google App Voice Settings and Download Languages

    I'm working with Voice Recognition and I would like to show the Voice Settings to the user. I know this can be done but I can't figure out the exact intent required. This is the screen that I want to show: Could someone tell me what the Intent would be to show this screen and also the...
  3. R

    Android Question Mobac Custom Mapsforge zoom level 19

    Using OSMDroid 4.1 and made a map of a small area in the UK with Mobac and Custom Mapsforge. Specified zoom levels are from 12 to 19. Format of the map file is OSMDroid SQLite, so file extension is .mbtiles. This is the data in the table metadata in the map file: name value bounds...