1. Rosin

    Android Question Http problem in 5g situation

    Hey guys,here i am using the httpjob to get the cookie from my school's websit,but i have noticed that when i am using wifi,i send the get request,and it respond very quickly...but when i am using my 5g network instead of wifi...it will wait...wait until 30s(the timeout) though it maybe have...
  2. aeric

    B4J Question [Solved] Posting JSON to Shopee API

    Shopee is an e-commerce platform. The documentation for their Open API is avaialble at https://open.shopee.com/documents?module=63&type=2&id=53 I have developed a B4J Non-UI app but unable to get the expected results. B4J: When I use Postman to post the request, I get the correct result...
  3. mcqueccu

    Android Question okhttputils with delayed Javascript

    Hello, I am trying to get direct extracted youtube link from this website savefrom.net, But the httputils completes before the page is fully loaded, so I am unable to get the link. The Link comes behind a download button and it seems its loaded by a javascript I need help in extracting the...
  4. mcqueccu

    B4J Question When to Use SetContentType or SetHeader("Content-Type", ...)

    Hi, Am using jOkhttputils2 to call an API The main transaction method uses POST and the call was successful whiles using setContentType to set the header But when using GET request to check the status of the transaction setContentType keeps giving me an error. Meanwhile...