open street map

  1. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Viewing a single map from a OSM file, without downloading tiles

    In all examples by OSM, map is built from tiles, with access to the INTERNET. In my application, all work takes place on a predetermined section of the map. I want the application to work offline. I don't want to download tiles from the OCM server. I already have one file with the OCM extension...
  2. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Really working on Android mapping systems, for beginners

    In this forum, many examples of cartographic information have been discussed. But I can not choose the option that meets my requirements. 1. Ease of embedding code into the Android application. 2. Ability to set the coordinates of the center of the map and the scale of the map display 3...
  3. S

    B4J Library Open street map viewer

    see a B4Xlib for B4A and B4J to view Open Street Map
  4. S

    B4A Class Open Street Map viewer - GPS

    Hi, This b4Xlib contains a custom view (cvMap) which can display Open Street Map. The tiles are retrieved from the internet and cached in a database. You can add shapes and images on the map. UI : - Lat/lng Center of the map - Zoom Level - Compass Direction with rotation - Scale - Button...