1. Sagenut

    What about JAVA JDK?

    I am posting this in Chit Chat on purpose just to make it a nice talking, but to help me clarify some aspects. We know that B4X can use: Oracle Java JDK 8 OpenJDK 11 OpenJDK 14 (even if this one does not appear to be pushed too much, I think because it's not an LTS version as 11) By many time...
  2. Duque

    Android Question [RESOLVED]Open android.settings.APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS

    Greetings This worked until VERSION.SDK_INT 25 Since then he says: VERSION.SDK_INT 26, 27, 28, 29, 30... "The application is not in the list of installed applications" After reading...
  3. Peter Simpson

    B4R Code Snippet Using a PIR to rotate a servo (Emulating PIR opening/closing powered doors)

    SubName: Reading PIR sensor on digital pin 5 to rotate a servo on digital pin 4. Description: Basically this example is emulating opening and closing powered doors like in a shopping centre (shopping mall), superstore etc. You can use this simple code to monitor PIR sensors HC-SR501 or HC-SR505...
  4. M

    iOS Question Open Localization Services Setting programmatically

    Hi everyone, how can I open the localization services settings page? or better, open directly the section relevant to one of that apps? it is possibile? I already tried out this: App.OpenURL("app-settings:") But will open only the main page of the settings app Thanks in advance
  5. WebQuest

    Android Question Open and Save a PDF File In the Database with App.

    Hi I'm trying to select a pdf file in the device with the Chooser as it happens with the images, but without success. My intent is to select a pdf through my app and then save it in the db of the app. I'm using SqlLite for the db. I'm using the chooser specifying the type of file to be selected...
  6. K

    Android Question share PDF file

    I have this code its open PDF file Dim in As Intent in.Initialize(in.ACTION_VIEW,f1.CreateFileProviderUri(Starter.shared,"1.pdf")) in.Flags=1 StartActivity(in) I have to share PDF file I try like this...
  7. Mikel Huerta

    Android Question (SOLVE)error open PDF file with android 7+

    Hello , i try to open a PDF file from my app on an android 7 with the new permissions functions but when i try to do it, i get this error and a blank screen for a while and nothing more : i am using b4a 8.50 My code : Sub Doit() Dim Mostrador_de_PDF As Intent Dim uri As...
  8. K

    Android Question open wrong pdf file

    I'm using CreateFileProviderUri for opening pdf file and printing library for write in pdf. When I'm opening pdf file its open last proccess pdf file. this is my code Sub open_pdf If File.Exists(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") Then File.Delete(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") End If...
  9. K

    Android Question Write and Open PDF

    I want to open PDF file, Its shows message :: Can't open file trying saving the file on device and then opening it. I written this code : Dim pdf As PdfDocument pdf.Initialize pdf.StartPage(595, 842) 'A4 size pdf.Canvas.DrawLine(2, 2, 593 , 840, Colors.Blue, 4)...