1. peacemaker

    B4J Code Snippet jOpenCV with IP-cameras

    Hi, All After long trying and googling i have found that OpenCV with IP-cameras must work by special way. Regular way is to use "", as recommended by the lib author (again ton of Thanks to him !), it's OK for stable stream of USB-camera: But IP-camera frames may be...
  2. jroriz

    B4J Question Opencv Template Matching (inline java)

    I'm trying to follow this example: I'm not a java programmer, so I'm having a hard time ... The program returns the error below: I imported the java libraries and created a little program. B4J project and opencv libs...
  3. M

    Android Question OpenCV320 for B4A V1.0 by JordiCP problem

    Hi to all I would like to try the opencv library in this thread: with a trial version of b4a, for evaluation purpose. It seems that in the version in the first post, 2017/09/27, the class OCVOpenCVLoader has no methods (initDebug and initAsync?)...
  4. wonder

    Android Question Comic book panel edge detection

    Hi! Having seen that there are a few OpenCV / EdgeDetection libraries around, I would like to ask their creators/users if it's possible to accomplish the task of auto detecting comic book / manga panels. Note 1: It should also work for grayscale and line-art (black and white) input sources...
  5. B

    Android Question snapshot to camera and UI

    Hi... I used opencv lib in one of my project to open camera and tracking a face. and added some ui (label, button) above the camera's panel. I wanna make a screenshot to the camera and the UI together I tried : Sub TakeScreenshot Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim decor As...
  6. hears

    Android Question how to detect color use OpenCV by camera ? and color always change

    how to detect color use OpenCV by camera ? and color always change. i have look this uder project,so i think OpenCV can detect color too:
  7. rtek1000

    Android Question How to read segment display?

    Hello, I would like to read the display of my digital multimeter, I found an App "Yomzo" that uses "OpenCV Manager", does anyone know how to read segment display? The App: The OpenCV Manager...