1. jroriz

    B4J Question Opencv Template Matching (inline java)

    I'm trying to follow this example: I'm not a java programmer, so I'm having a hard time ... The program returns the error below: I imported the java libraries and created a little program. B4J project and opencv libs...
  2. M

    Android Question OpenCV320 for B4A V1.0 by JordiCP problem

    Hi to all I would like to try the opencv library in this thread: with a trial version of b4a, for evaluation purpose. It seems that in the version in the first post, 2017/09/27, the class OCVOpenCVLoader has no methods (initDebug and initAsync?)...
  3. wonder

    Android Question Comic book panel edge detection

    Hi! Having seen that there are a few OpenCV / EdgeDetection libraries around, I would like to ask their creators/users if it's possible to accomplish the task of auto detecting comic book / manga panels. Note 1: It should also work for grayscale and line-art (black and white) input sources...
  4. B

    Android Question snapshot to camera and UI

    Hi... I used opencv lib in one of my project to open camera and tracking a face. and added some ui (label, button) above the camera's panel. I wanna make a screenshot to the camera and the UI together I tried : Sub TakeScreenshot Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim decor As...
  5. hears

    Android Question how to detect color use OpenCV by camera ? and color always change

    how to detect color use OpenCV by camera ? and color always change. i have look this uder project,so i think OpenCV can detect color too:
  6. rtek1000

    Android Question How to read segment display?

    Hello, I would like to read the display of my digital multimeter, I found an App "Yomzo" that uses "OpenCV Manager", does anyone know how to read segment display? The App: The OpenCV Manager...