1. M

    Android Question opencv detect circle

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me I designed an application to read the exam paper for the student, which consists of multiple-choice questions, so that the student shades the symbol for the correct answer in the form of a circle, as in Picture No. (1). When applying the attached code...
  2. gezueb

    Android Question OpenCV Face detection / Camera Orientation

    Hi, I am trying to adapt CPJordi's example facedetection8, but in portrait mode. So far, i have not been able to change the code to show the face upright. The picture is always shown sideways. Thanks for help!
  3. V

    Android Question UnsatisfiedLinkError: Serial lib mismatch with OpenCV3

    Hello, i have a big issue and i don't know how to deal with UnsatisfiedLinkError exception. I'm using my own library wrapped from FriendlyThings API for communicate with serial - PWM - I2C - GPIO for NanoPC T2 When i call some methods from this library it will mismatch with OpenCV3 library...